“Acting responsibly, shaping the future” – The selection of the suppliers is done among ones are using an Environment approach based on concepts or principles that are covering the entire lifecycle of the product, starting with the raw materials and ending with the disposal or rehabilitation of the product. Our partners embraced sustainable design concepts:

  • Design for environmental processing and manufacturing;
  • Design for environmental packaging;
  • Design for disposal or reuse;
  • Design for energy efficiency.

Sustainable Procurement

“Our constant target to achieve in the daily operations” – Procurement has the greatest positive environmental, social, and economic impacts possible over the entire life cycle. Sustainable procurement involves the sustainability aspects related to the goods, services, and suppliers along the supply chains. Sustainable procurement contributes to the achievement of organizational sustainability objectives and to overall sustainable development.

IHDG and its Suppliers are conscious of their social functions and they are implemented a policy that protects the environment for a sustainable expansion. Most of the Suppliers have environmental certification and they are registered in the National Register of Italian Manufacturer, guarantee the finished products top quality respecting the care of the working methods (wood craftsmen combined with technological innovation).