It is our duty is to exceed our clients expectations with having this in mind we work very closely with the design team simultaneously and l in harmony to make sure we are meet the deadlines set in place to achieve projects within a reasonable timeline. Avoiding hiccups and delays is key to maintain our clients trust and loyalty.
Understanding your needs, obtaining your brief;

Assist client in determining specifications

Planning & budget preparation;

Sourcing & supplier selection;

Analyze & recommend suitable supplier;

Ordering & logistics management;

Installation & coordination;

Delivery of asset registry;


Our eyes are your eyes

Depending on the details and circumstances of each individual search we are capable to identify the key factors of each need;

Producing creative solutions that push boundaries and using our passion to enhance the human condition;

Interdisciplinary thinking becoming unique and bespoke results after a precise tailor made analysis of ideas, thoughts, conversations;

Absorbing the positive creative tensions generated by crossing different kind of topics: business, design, strategy and art;

Every design intention and product’ enquiry have its own purpose, meaning and history. IHDG tailor services to your needs offering a custom-made proposal for each project that outlines deliverables, timeline and services.